Untitled (seven monuments); (with Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin AO and Jonathan Jones), 2019

site specific installations marking the historical boundary of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station
flagpoles, bricks, bronze plaques, Coranderrk plants, off-set printed leaflet, website

untitled (seven monuments) is a project by Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin (Wurundjeri), Jonathan Jones (Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi) and Tom Nicholson (Celtic-Australian), developed over 6 years of research and realized in 2019 as a permanent public work in the landscape in and around Healesville. Seven monuments mark the historical boundary of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station, one of Australia’s most significant sites.

Each marker is an upturned flagpole and brick footing, with a plaque on each face, surrounded by Coranderrk (Christmas bush). 

Established by Wurundjeri people and other displaced Aboriginal people in 1863, Coranderrk Aboriginal Station quickly becomes both a thriving economic community and a powerful base for Aboriginal self-organisation and political advocacy. Coranderrk is reduced and undermined by the Victorian Colonial Government, ultimately leading to the dispersal and forced removal of the community to Lake Tyers in 1924, leaving only a handful of determined elders. Today Coranderrk continues to be an important living place for Wurundjeri and for the wider Aboriginal community.

untitled (seven monuments) is an invitation to move between the seven sites that together mark the boundaries of Coranderrk at its largest, in 1866 when it was some 4,850 acres. Several sites are located within what is known today as Healesville. Others are outside the town.

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Commissioned by the TarraWarra Museum of Art and now in the custodianship of Yarra Ranges Council, untitled (seven monuments) is the second stage of Future Memorials, an ambitious multi-faceted project involving the three artists. Taking its cue from the proximity of TWMA to the site of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station (located along the Yarra River a few kilometres upstream from the Museum), Future Memorials began in 2013 with an exhibition of the work of the three artists, curated by Victoria Lynn.

The project explores the effects of colonialism and seeks new ways to understand and renew the relationship between these histories and the present. It is also a meditation on the nature of the monument itself, as a tradition closely linked to colonialism, and on the possibilities of new kinds of public art making or monumentality.

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