Untitled wall drawing, 2009

Pencil wall drawing, 1000 x 350cm, wall 1000 x 600cm.

Exh.: Word, also including Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley, Mutlu Çerkez, Emily Floyd, Marco Fusinato, Rose Nolan, Mike Parr, Grant Stevens, Peter Tyndall, Jenny Watson, Ian Whittlesea, 4 July - 9 August 2009, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney.

Untitled wall drawing is a list of instances of the creation of national boundaries since 1901, drawn in pencil directly on to the gallery walls in chronologically order.

Each artist participating in the exhibition Word was asked to write a short text on their work. Click here for Tom Nicholson's short text on Untitled wall drawing.

The list of instances of the creation of national boundaries has been used in a variety of collaborative works with the composer Andrew Byrne, performed in Melbourne in 2006, in Bath in 2008, and in Venice in 2009, and in El Siglo, a 100-minute video broadcast on Señal 3 de la Victoria in Santiago on 5 and 6 October 2006.



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