(with Andrew Byrne) 23.01.1901 / 12.07.2005, 2006

Performance of an instruction-based score for six singers and a percussionist, 30 minutes.

Exh.: performed on 16 September 2006 as part of Endgame: Late-Capitalist Realism, a project of the Office of Utopic Procedures, initiated by Bernhard Sachs, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 6-31 October 2006.

The New York-based composer Andrew Byrne and I worked collaboratively on an instruction-based score from late 2005 through 2006. The collaboration took as its starting point the list of instances of the creation of national boundaries which I had employed in several individually produced works from 2004 onwards. It developed as a score for six singers and a percussionist and was performed on 16 September 2006 at the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery. The singers were assigned different parts of the list of the creation of national boundaries, which they read, moving over three designated notes, as they moved around the gallery  following pre-determined and individually different pathways. Their voices were recorded by four microphones, on stands situated at different points of the space, though this recording only occurred as the singers passed within the range of the microphones. A fifth microphone recorded the snare drum. The recordings of each of these five microphones were processed and accumulated through delays and reverberation over 30 minutes of reading and walking.

Musical Direction: Tim Phillips; Percussion: Peter Neville; Singers: Carolyn Connors, Ben Grant, Alex Miller, Gus MacMillan, Anna Schoo, Jeanie van der Welde; Sound Production: Roger Alsop.

A recording of the performance of the score was included in the exhibition Documents from a banner marching project 2004-2007 at Ocular Lab in March 2007.

The list of instances of the creation of national boundaries has also been the basis of a 13-metre pencil wall drawing, produced over two weeks at Ocular Lab in 2005; and El Siglo, a 100 minute video-work which was broadcast on Señal 3 de la Victoria in Santiago on 5 and 6 October 2006. The list was originally created as a mapping device for banner marching routes, part of the project Marches for another season.

For more information on the composer Andrew Byrne click here.


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