15 November 2005  (335.43 Len), 2006

16mm film transferred to digital video, duration 10 minutes; stack of books, dimensions variable.

Exh.: Trinity Nine, an Ocular Lab project at Trinity College, Melbourne, including John Abbate, Damiano Bertoli, Sandra Bridie, Julie Davies, Raafat Ishak, Sean Loughrey, Sally Mannall, and Alex Rizkalla, 8-27 August.

15 November 2005 (Len 335.43) centred on the 16mm footage shot of one of the flags from Flags for Trades Hall Council, an installation of four flags on four rooftop flag-poles at the Victorian Trades Hall Council in Melbourne. Accompanied by a text on the political events which coincided with the public installation, the video was inserted into the Trinity Library bookshelves at the location of Lenin's What is to be done?, which, along with other books displaced by the installation, formed a stack on the adjacent reading table.

The Ocular Lab project Trinity Nine was initiated partly in response to the exhibition organised by the Melbourne artist Tony Clark at the neighbouring Ormond College in 1987. It was generously supported by the City of Melbourne.

A catalogue was produced to coincide with the exhibition Trinity Nine, including essays by Justin Clemens and Max Delany.

Creditsfor 15 November 2005 (Len 335.43).

Traces of the project Flags for a Trades Hall Council were also exhibited in the solo exhibition Flag time: Marat at his last breath, at Ocular Lab, 26-27 January 2006, and in the exhibition Ghosts of self and state, curated by Geraldine Barlow, 5 April -10 June 2006, at the Monash University Museum of Art. 


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