Flag time: Marat at his last breath, 2006

An installation of photographs; three charcoal drawings.
Photographs by Christian Capurro and Tom Nicholson.

Exh.: Ocular Lab, Melbourne 26, 28 January 2006, accompanied by an Invasion Day BBQ.

Flag time: Marat at his last breath comprised a set of photographs of flags in motion taken during the life of the public installation, Flags for a trades hall council, as well as the three charcoal drawings, which through reworking over several months, were the origin of the images which appeared on the four flags.

The exhibition was timed to coincide with Invasion Day (a.k.a. Australia Day), and its proliferation of Australian flags. At a BBQ at Ocular Lab on 26 January, visitors were invited to consume the national coat of arms reconstituted into the form of sausages. 

A short text accompanied the exhibition.

A further, and larger, set of photographs generated by the project Flag time: Marat at his last breath, was subsequently exhibited in Ghosts of Self and State, curated by Geraldine Barlow, 5 April – 10 June 2006, at the Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.


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