Tom Nicholson (*1973) is an artist who lives in Melbourne. He is represented by Milani Gallery, Brisbane. For a complete CV click here.

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Untitled (seven monuments); (with Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin … ), 2019 Gorge photograph, 2017–19 Towards a glass monument, 2017–19 Tom Nicholson: Public Meeting, 2019 Stranger at fountain, 2018 Tom Nicholson: Drawings and correspondence, 2019 Cartoons for Joseph Selleny, 2012-14/2017/2018 Towards a monument to the Great Strike (with Andrew Byrne), 2017 “I was born in Indonesia”, 2017 Comparative monument (Shellal), 2014-2017 Lines that could be scars, 2015 Comparative monument (Ma’man Allah), 2014 Indefinite Substitution, 2014 Comparative Monument (Ma'Man Allah), 2014 Cartoons for Joseph Selleny, 2014 Towards a monument to Batman's Treaty, 2013 Comparative monument (Palestine), 2012 (with Raafat Ishak) Proposition for a banner march and ..., 2012 Untitled wall drawing, 2012 Evening shadows, 2012 Unfinished monument to Batman's Treaty, 2011 Drawings and correspondence, 2011 (with Andrew Byrne) Lines towards another century, 2010 Indefinite distribution, 2010 (with Tony Birch) Camp Pell Lecture, 2010 Nardoo flag-wave, 2009—2010 After action for another library, 2010 Printed pages / Bearing images / 1998—2008, 2008 Documents from a banner marching project 2004—2007, 2007 Traces towards four Coranderrk drawings in a Berlin storeroom, 2006 Action for 2pm Sunday 6 July 1835, 2005 Flags for a trades hall council, 2005 After action for another library, 1999

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